Just as each street and each site is different, each client is different. So, each house we do is as unique as the client. What does not change is the care placed upon getting the relationships of the rooms, one to another right. The concern placed on light, detail and ease of living is constant.

Good architecture can exist in any style. The things that truly matter are:

  • Proportion – Agreeable or harmonious relation of parts; balance; symmetry.
  • Order – Arrangement among parts such that proper function and appearance are achieved.
  • Authenticity – Having a verifiable origin or authorship; trustworthy; genuine.
  • Clarity – Plain and evident to the mind; easily perceptible; distinct; lucid.

Current members of this studio are:

  • William S. Briggs, AIA
  • Tom Muckenstrom
  • Walter Briggs
  • Chris Sammons, Associate AIA
  • Harris Briggs, Associate AIA



We are proud of the work we have done and pleased to have contributed to the following neighborhoods:

  • Highland Park
  • University Park
  • Preston Hollow
  • North Dallas
  • Lake Highlands
  • Bent Tree
  • Lakewood
  • Breckenridge (Texas)
  • Westlake (Vaquero)
  • Cedar Springs Lake
  • Cedar Creek Lake
  • Gunter
  • Graham
  • Little Rock